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Angry with the World

It is hard not to become angry and disheartened with what we see around us today. Our government seems to be out of control, our elected officials are incompetent and act like comical snake oil salesmen of the old Wild West, liberalism and relativism and greed appear to be the new cultural religions of the day, our faith is the center of constant attacks, and in a world that demands mutual respect differing opinions are labelled mean hearted and uncaring. I’ve even begun weening myself off the news and news apps on my iPad to slow the constant flood of junk the media pours out each day.

I asked myself, how our “Christian” nation could have fallen so far so quickly? How can people be so blind and treat justice, truth, and goodness with so much contempt? It made me want to shake some sense into the world but just recently God has gotten my attention and reminded me of a few things that have really changed my outlook. Sometimes you just have to get off the merry-go-round for a while and regain your balance.

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Speak the Truth

VATICAN CITY, July 16, 2012, – In a homily delivered in the town of Frascati in Italy Sunday, Pope Benedict XVI noted that the Apostles were called by Christ to preach the truth even if people don’t want to hear it.

He said:

Jesus sends them out two by two and gives them instructions. … The first instruction concerns the spirit of detachment: the Apostles must not be attached to money and comforts. Jesus warns the disciples that they will not always receive a favourable welcome: at times they will be rejected, and may also be persecuted. But that should not affect them: they must speak in the name of Jesus and preach the Kingdom of God, without worrying about success. They must leave the outcome in the hands of God.

Reflecting on the reading concerning the prophet Amos, the Holy Father added: “But, whether accepted or rejected, Amos continued to prophesy, preaching what God says and not what people wanted to hear.”

Addressing our current times, the Pope said, “This remains the mandate of the Church: she does not preach what the powerful want to hear. Her criterion is truth and justice, even if that garners no applause and collides with human power”.