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God forged His people over thousands of years for a purpose. Jesus came to and for the Jews, God’s chosen people, to call them to action and service. From a ten thousand foot level can we look at the New Testament as a blueprint…how God planned to reach the Gentile nations and by who? Are the apostles and Paul archetypal models for the type of servanthood (discipleship) to which the Jewish people as a whole were called – including their saving mission to reach out and bless all the Gentile nations? Are they, in Christo, called to fulfill God’s promise and prophetic word to Abraham in Gen. 18:18, reiterated to Jacob at Bethel in Gen. 28:14?

It would appear to be the case. The early Jewish disciples and churches in Acts, approved by the Council of Jerusalem, purposely preached for the first time the answer to Jewish messianic prophecy to those out side of God’s chosen. A message of salvation through Christ Jesus to the pagans in their communities. We see recorded in the scriptures the model for those disciples to come. The missionary charge intended to be lead by God’s chosen and now being completed by the wild grafted branch. We should take the parable of the prodigal son in Luke 15:11-32 to heart when considering this topic and remember that what God plans and desires will eventually come to pass no matter how stiffed necked we are. He is long suffering and we often forget that His patience is a great sign of His great mercy for all.

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