Luther: 500 Years After

The “man-centered” Christianity of the great Protestant reformer, which has resulted in a “religionless Christianity.”

A very nice article based on the recent republishing of a 1966 book, Faith in Luther, by deceased theologian Paul Hacker which had a preface by then Cardinal Ratzinger.  It highlights the elements of an Anthropocentric theology found in Luther’s ideas that began the crumbling of the then Theocentric and Christocentric theology of his day and has led to the “my conscience alone” “religiousless Christianity” we see today hurtling toward all out uninterested Atheism.

Hacker points out that Luther’s “new concept of faith inescapably initiated a development in which religion became at first man-oriented and eventually man-centered.” Here was “the seed of anthropocentrism in religion and of idealism in philosophy.”

We clearly see this played out in the Protestant communities and now see this concept of idealism and man-centered conscience showing up in Amoris Laetitia, the new ecology and immigration supposedly “pro-life” focus of the JPII Institute, and in the Jesuit push to force the Pope’s implementation of AL here in the USCCB.

Source: Luther: 500 Years After – The Catholic Thing


How Catholics Can Welcome LGBT Believers

Cardinal Sarah provides a much wiser and pastoral approach than Fr Martin.  Truth in mercy and not a temporal mercy that excludes eternal truth.  Cardinal Sarah challenges us all to strive toward the call of the Gospel rather than giving up to the call of the culture.  I think being called to excellence is preferable to giving up to failure, don’t you?

Source: How Catholics Can Welcome LGBT Believers

Bishops, theologians gather to consider US implementation of ‘Amoris Laetitia’

Get ready folks.  The Pope is organizing an arm of his Jesuits, the new JPII Institute, Fr Martin, select bishops, the wealthy German bishops conference, and now an effort to organize the USCCB to support Amoris Laetitia.  No matter how many ask for clear theological direction the propaganda train continues to chug along.  It took over 200 years for the Arian heresy to be suppressed.  Find your Benedict option and stay faithful for the long haul.  Love the Lord, his Church, Doctrine and Tradition, and stay connected with your local parish and priest.  Let the storm of shadow reforms pass you by and be a witness for truth.

Source: Bishops, theologians gather to consider US implementation of ‘Amoris Laetitia’

Austrian Monsignor: Pontificate of Francis Is ‘Divisive’

Msgr. Gerhard Maria Wagner laments ongoing confusion, off-the-cuff remarks

The Msgr brings light to a good point that the bishops and pope weighing in on immigration, economics, or climatology are not experts in these fields.  They are stepping into matters of national sovereignty .  It’s like “a traffic cop who stops you — to offer you orthodontic advice.“

Source: Austrian Monsignor: Pontificate of Francis Is ‘Divisive’

Brilliant Prophetic Document to Begin October for Victory

One of the greatest Marian popes of all time speaking of calamities and family unraveling showed in a simple, powerful way the only answer for our cataclysmic time.

Don’t wait till Lent to try a new or “old” spiritual practice.  Begin praying the Rosary before mass, when you wake, or before bed.  It can even be done during your drive to work.  How easy a practice of focusing on Christ while resting in Mary’s prayers for us.  Start a new and virtuous habit as we journey toward Advent.

Source: Brilliant Prophetic Document to Begin October for Victory

Some Basic Questions and Answers on the ‘Filial Correction’ of the Pope

This is a nice overview of some of the most common questions arising from the recent Filial Correctio.

Source: Some Basic Questions and Answers on the ‘Filial Correction’ of the Pope

Pittsburgh Diocese Reorganizes Parishes for Future Evangelization

Church consolidation will secure new growth, says Bishop David Zubik.

Church and Mass decline is growing across the nation.  Appropriate dialogue and planning should be executed by all diocese wanting to properly use limited priestly resources.  Without proper planning all we do is crush our priests.

Source: Pittsburgh Diocese Reorganizes Parishes for Future Evangelization

Cardinal Müller Speaks Out on ‘Amoris Laetitia,’ the Dubia and the Vatican

The former prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith gives an extensive interview to the Register.

Source: Cardinal Müller Speaks Out on ‘Amoris Laetitia,’ the Dubia and the Vatican

Summorum Pontificum Congress Report

Summorum Pontificum: ten years later. The Fifth Colloquium in Rome, which marks the tenth anniversary of Pope Benedict XVI’s motu proprio, sustained the importance of an appropriate liturgy to the spiritual aggrandizement of man   Ten years after the promulgation …

An important point to remember from the article is Lex orandi, lex credendi (Latin loosely translated as “the law of praying [is] the law of believing”) which means that it is prayer/worship/liturgy which leads to belief/theology and ultimately how we live our faith.  This should help us understand how liturgical errors of the past can lead to the state of Catholic witness today.

Source: Summorum Pontificum Congress Report – OnePeterFive

Cdl. Burke Backs Cdl. Sarah’s Liturgical Reforms

Isn’t it funny that liturgical reforms were so important after Vatican II but now that new reforms intended to help us better understand and live the mass are being suggested the previous reformers are now rigid neo-traditionalists who say the Vatican II changes are irreversible and unchangable?

Source: Cdl. Burke Backs Cdl. Sarah’s Liturgical Reforms

‘Apocalyptic’: Filial Correction organizer warns of schism if errors aren’t corrected

In an exclusive interview, Prof. Claudio Pierantoni explains why the Church’s present situation is ‘apocalyptic.’

If you haven’t read the correction you should as well as reading the dubia.  Both documents clearly illuminate the theological errors generated by the ambiguity in Amoris Laetitia and comments by the Pope.  What is especially interesting in this interview and the correction itself is the attention drawn to Modernism and Lutheranism as the philosophical roots of the world view found in AL.

It’s then not possible to say AL has a Thomist foundation when it’s  expressing a Helegian understanding of truth and by extension a theologically Gnostic point of view that God changes over time in relation to our reality thus doctrine should change.  If this is true why even read the Scriptures since they too would change over time?

Source: ‘Apocalyptic’: Filial Correction organizer warns of schism if errors aren’t corrected

Pope Francis: Engaging with people’s real lives does not ‘bastardize’ theology

‘Amoris Laetitia’ is built on traditional Thomist morality, Pope Francis told a group of Jesuits in Colombia.

Isn’t it odd that at the time the Vatican Secretary of State is supposedly reaching out to critics of Amoris Laetitia the Pope is building a fortress and army of defenses with the new JPII Institute and his call to the Jesuits for help.  The fact is all of his critics have read the complete Amoris Laetitia document.  They are thoroughly informed but it seems the Pope is not truly informed about the points they are calling out as heresy.  Where is the willingness for dialogue and the listening ear of our papa?

Its interesting that he is asking his Jesuits to teach the people what he means in AL instead of doing this himself.  Is it because he can’t?  Is it possible he knows that if he formally taught what he has others proclaiming it could be formal considered heresy?  Why is he also starting to use Thomism to defend his ideas instead of Scripture, dogma, and Tradition.  The Pope isn’t responsible to defend a theological approach or school of thought but to guard and defend the teachings of the Church.  Is Thomas greater than Christ?  St. Thomas wouldn’t say so.

The saying goes, that you first schism with your heart and then you create heresies with your mind to defend your choices.  This is a common behavior of a person who becomes dissatisfied with the grass on their side of the fence.  Do the Protestants have greener grass?

Source: Pope Francis: Engaging with people’s real lives does not ‘bastardize’ theology

Vatican Cardinal wants to ‘dialogue’ with signers of Filial Correction to Pope

The Cardinal’s comment may signify a ‘breakthrough’ in forming a relationship between the Pope and his critics.

Could the pressure be getting to the breaking point?  The Pope has regularly used others to carry his public voice on matters of reform so having the Vatican Secretary of State make this opening gesture makes sense.  It must be an Argentinian machismo thing.

The question is will it be another normal 1 hour twisting of the arm behind closed door meetings asking their opponents to backdown because the Pope says so or a true theological debate as Cardinal Mueller has wisely suggested?

Source: Vatican Cardinal wants to ‘dialogue’ with signers of Filial Correction to Pope

The Need for Fuller Pastoral Care

Paul Vitz writes that if Amoris Laetitia is to restore a divorced person to full communion, the Church should – out of equal concern for families and children who may have been abandoned – require that both parties to the divorce be consulted.

I love this article.  It clearly points out the forgotten and ignored parties of the liberal leftist shadow reforms.  What about the spouse and children left behind?  Where is the pastoral care for them?  Why  should we only fixate on the party that wants to move along and normalize their current self-centered life? Why wouldn’t the Pope’s pastoral care, as called for in chapter 8 of Amoris Laetitia, work just like the formal annulment process?  This would do a better job of respecting all parties in this hurtful situation and provide better pastoral care in light of Church teachings.

The answer is that AL is actually trying to promote a form of easy Catholic divorce that re-inserts the divorsed and civilly remarried into the sacramental life of the Church. Spiritually we are then approving a Catholic divorce or silently calling the previous marriage null. How is Pope Francis and his bishops different than the Pharisees who asked Jesus about Moses allowing divorce.  Isn’t that really what the Pope is asking for? For the Church to say the previous marriage is contractually null or never happened as long as the requesting party feels good about themselves is in fact saying and granting aCatholic divorce.

This isn’t rocket science not matter how the reformers want to twist it into a Gordian knot.

Source: The Need for Fuller Pastoral Care – The Catholic Thing

Questions Abound Regarding Future of the JPII Institute in Washington

The Pontifical John Paul II Institute for Studies on Marriage and Family will be replaced by a new institute with a broader mission and field of study founded by Pope Francis.

This move without dialogue and council from the other institutes is nothing other than a clear sign of rupture especially given there is no reconciling Amoris Laetitia  chapter 8 and its clear contradiction to paragraphs in  Familiaris Consortio. There are no ambiguities about the contradictions.  Even the silence from the Vatican can’t stop us from understanding that the shadow reforms being spawned from the ambiguities within AL are against Church teaching and the words of Christ.  The reforms can be pushed through but it will never solve the conflict.

In light of Archbishop Paglia’s statement, “…that this shift will not represent a break with the institute’s original mandate because Pope Francis is the “best interpreter” of Familiaris Consortio, …” we can see there is a clear intention to rewrite FC and the previous Synod on the Family in 1980.  They will make it as if it never happened.

It’s easily assumed by the Pope’s recent approvals of certain bishops that this neo-JPII Institute will teach communion for the divorced and remarried along with opening the door to same-sex unions to be given acceptance as sacramental.  There is no other reason to close one and start from scratch like the Pope has done.

Again, the Vatican thinks the laity are stupid.  The last Protestant Reformation ignited the 100 year war.  What will this Luther inspired “reform”-ation fan into existence?

Source: Questions Abound Regarding Future of the JPII Institute in Washington