California Gov. to Vatican: ‘Brain Washing’ Needed to Tackle Climate Change

California Gov. Jerry Brown—a one-time Jesuit seminarian from a one-party state—said the dangers posed by climate change required a radical “transformation” in the world’s response.

Climate change, as an academic topic, has many scientists on both sides of the fence arguing for multiple reasons not the least being a lack of understanding of our macro climate changes over centuries.  Also there is often a confusion or combination of this topic with arguments for the redistribution of wealth between nations which includes other subjects like population control.  We are seeing this confusion in the meetings setup by the Vatican.

The governor’s comments clearly display the mindset and extent that today’s radical activist will go to get their way.  To be frank, which state pacifies their citizens with the most handouts, uses the most water, and demands the most electricity…..California.  Watch what curriculum your local Catholic school pushes over the next few years.  A program of brainwashing  may be coming.

Source: California Gov. to Vatican: ‘Brain Washing’ Needed to Tackle Climate Change


Jesus and Historical Revisionism – The Catholic Thing

Jesus warned the scribes and the Pharisees about thinking themselves wiser than their forefathers. They weren’t. Neither are we.

To be ignorant of Scripture is to be ignorant of Christ.  To be deep in history is to cease to be Protestant. To be ignorant of history is to repeat it.

Screaming and radical college protesters are a clear indication of the lack of true knowledge and education of those preparing to lead this country.  It is a warning for our foreseeable future.

Source: Jesus and Historical Revisionism – The Catholic Thing

Protestant Traditions You Won’t Find in the Bible

All Christians have traditions and a religion (religious practices) they follow, even non-denominational groups like Vineyard and Crossroads.  You can’t practice you’re faith in any way without them.  What’s interesting is to consider the silly behaviors of others and their practices which they try to justify when attacking the Catholic Mass.

For example, try removing the coffee and WiFi from their Sunday experience and see how many feel they are missing something.  They are missing their current and cultural religious traditions.

Hmm…coffee compared to the Eucharist.  It seems their traditions are silly and unthoughtful.  It’s the age of “me”.

Source: Protestant Traditions You Won’t Find in the Bible

‘Progressive’ Orders are Passing Away—the Future Belongs to the Faithful

Young women are rejecting the dissent perpetrated by women who use their status as religious to get attention for their attacks on settled Church teachings.

Think about it.  Women and men who are looking into a vocation of religious life and that also understand they have a choice of which order they want to select are looking for orders that meet their desire to grow deeper spiritually and in union with the Church.  It’s logical then that political and protesting orders would not be enticing but appear willfully double minded.  Worldly, not spiritual.

It is good that everything has its time and comes to an end.  All human things die.  Our faithful traditional orders are counter cultural so they shine brightly to the young seeking faith.

Source: ‘Progressive’ Orders are Passing Away—the Future Belongs to the Faithful

Catholic Reform Began Before Martin Luther

Corrective restoration is often just under the surface during times of crisis in the Church as we can see during the 1500’s.  Consider the effects of those traditional orders, theologians, and liturgists today even as they are being attacked by the Church itself as rigid?  Consider that the Pope and other reform minded prelates don’t understand why our young are drawn to these orders and drawn to Tradition.

Will we look back and see in these efforts the corrective forces that will someday rollback, as Trent did, the crazy reforms of our current day?

Source: Catholic Reform Began Before Martin Luther

500 Years After Luther, a New Case for Catholicism

Through a more perfect communion with the Catholic Church, every Christian can fulfill Jesus’ prayer that all his followers “may be one.”

In this day where it seems the goal is to dumb down our faith so we can have limited unity it’s revealing to understand that many well respected Protestant theologians are saying the Catholic Church is really right.  This can be shocking to realize when many of our own leaders are starting to say Luther was right.  I think we’ve given up to soon.  Given up when really we should be getting better at preaching the truth of the Catholic Church.

Source: 500 Years After Luther, a New Case for Catholicism

Culture of Rebuke Has Taken Hold in Church Discourse

COMMENTARY: The dialogue that Pope Francis often calls for is not actually taking place within the Church.

Source: Culture of Rebuke Has Taken Hold in Church Discourse

Priests and laity slam US bishops conference for sacking theologian critical of Pope

‘This cheap and vulgar ritual humiliation exemplifies the extent to which Pope Francis is presiding over a bully-boy Church.’

If it looks and quacks like a duck it’s a duck.  The Church is fearfully under the thumb of radical reformists.

What will you do when just years from now everyone can take the Eucharist even Protestants, women can be deacons, priests can be married (especially if you’re in Brazil), LGBT same-sex unions are approved, euthanasia and contraception are conditionally accepted, and the bishop conferences run their own show?

It sounds like the Church is becoming Anglican.  Who are the Pharisees now?

Source: Priests and laity slam US bishops conference for sacking theologian critical of Pope

Following Publication of Letter to Pope, Theologian Resigns From USCCB Post

Capuchin Father Thomas Weinandy resigned as a consultant to the USCCB Committee on Doctrine as a result of the critical letter to the Holy Father.

We see another theologian being silenced and one of a vary high caliber.  Why would he resign if not because he was asked to or asked to retract his comments and wouldn’t?

How can the USCCB say its open to dialogue if we see people let go?  I’ve been in the work place enough years to know he was asked to row in the required direction or leave.

Source: Following Publication of Letter to Pope, Theologian Resigns From USCCB Post

The War Against Cardinal Sarah

The progressive party in the Vatican has launched yet another attack on Cardinal Robert Sarah. This is nothing new nor unexpected.  The Vatican, these days, seem hell bent to follow in the footstep of the Obama era.  Think about it and you will see the same behaviors and attitudes.  Likely because these men and women grew up with the same cultural influences.  They are all examples of their times with little to point to as counter cultural examples even though Christ himself said he didn’t come to bring peace but division.

A Church in peace with with the culture is a Church in trouble.  This is why Cardinal Sarah’s voice is so clear above the leftist noise of many prelates.  He, like St John Paul II, is a peaceful and holy man desiring simply to help us grow in faith.

I would be thrilled to see him considered for the papacy.  Let us pray the Vatican doesn’t break his spirit.

Source: The War Against Cardinal Sarah | Marco Tosatti

The Politics of the Reformation: Movement Was as Much About Power as Religion

The Catholic laity must know something of the Reformation period and socioeconomic forces at work leading up to it and after to truly be able to understand what and why it happened.  It is the same today as we see similar forces that may lead to similar outcomes.

For instance: one could compare the psychological and social impact of the Black Plague as it decimated a third of Europe to our own decimation of the human person by the redefinition of marriage, gender theology, LGBT, increasing divorce rates and abortion of millions of babies globally (all the culture of death); one could compare the spiritualization of the Scripture by Humanists prior to Luther to the same humanist effects by the Jesuits throughout our academic institutions; one could compare the economic pressures of the growing merchant class and princes trying to escape Emperor Charles to the current heads of corporations flexing their political muscles and trying to escape governmental regulations and national policies in pursuit of bigger global markets; and one could compare the decline of the faith in the authority of the Church and the corruption of the morals and doctrines of the Church, then, to similar examples in the Church today especially highlighted by the priest scandal.  Then, the culture had Luther providing the religious spearhead of change and now we have Pope Francis.  Then, a portion broke off and became heretical while today a portion may break off and maintain orthodoxy.

One way or another similar forces are gathering.  Will we see if a Trent II 50 years from now will happen as it did then?  Will the Church be forced to declare the “reforms” of this period of time anathema?

Source: The Politics of the Reformation: Movement Was as Much About Power as Religion

Why St. John Paul II’s Theology of the Body Is More Important Than Ever

It’s interesting that in my previous post I spoke of the rot of the Church as a result of the failed application of the medicine of the Church by failed doctors.  This article calls it a Gnostic cultural rot and points to JPII’s medicine of Theology of the Body as the cure.

Isn’t it amazing that we don’t have to come up with a reform?  All we need to do is apply the medicine JPII stored up and prepared for this cultural epidemic.  I’m reminded of how many times God’s people ignored his prophets. We are living in that time.

If you want to fight the culture and heal the Church read anything from JPII to understand the many solutions he had prepared for us and which our doctors have ignored.

St John Paul II, pray for us!

Source: Why St. John Paul II’s Theology of the Body Is More Important Than Ever

Pontifical Gregorian University Hosts Series of Talks to Take New Look at Humanae Vitae

Organizers say the aim is to take a new and broad look at the encyclical “in the context of a time of change” and because difficulties have become “more complex.”

Like weather, it’s often as easy as stepping outside to see if it’s raining or not.  A look at our Church today from the outside shows a Church greatly wounded and beginning to rot under the incompetent care of its current doctors.  Malpractice and self serving is rampant.

Ask yourself why it’s regularly stated that we constantly need to change the Church and it’s teachings to address cultural sins? Why do supposedly educated theologians believe that our 2000 year old Church has never faced these sins before?  When speaking about the development of doctrine why are the previous developments by Pope’s Paul VI, St John Paul II, and Benedict XVI being ignored and rejected?

Why wouldn’t we turn to the old medicines which today’s doctors have failed to effectively  apply to the wounds of the people?  Our current condition doesn’t indicate the failure of the medicine but the failed application of the medicine by those who’s responsibility it is to bind the wounds of sin and heal the soul. We see an “Opioidal” epidemic in our Church.  An over prescription of mercy and silencing of sin and hell by failed doctors instead of the application of spiritual strength building prayer, repentance, confession, and penance by saints.  Our last saint was JPII  why wouldn’t we follow his example and take the medicine he prescribed?

Efforts like these, as with Amoris Laetitia itself, will only accelerate the rot of a wounded world already in need of extreme treatment and tough choices. The saints of the past would be ashamed of the soft bellies of the current doctors.  As we have already seen the disastrous effect against unity and marriage by AL any watering down of Humanae Vitae will simply immunize the virus of divorce against any application of the Church’s truth.  If my sexual choices are approved based on my personal peace with God and my choice of divorce as a solution to marital strife is accepted then marriage has truly been redefined not by the world but by the Church for the world.

Source: Pontifical Gregorian University Hosts Series of Talks to Take New Look at Humanae Vitae

The Fossilization of Martin Luther

Consider the proposition that Luther’s ideas failed fairly quickly and what continued was simply the works of an ever increasing number of men seeking the affirmation of their own ideas with the cultural support of governments and social economics.  Is Protestantism really a social verses theological movement in the end?  A way of elevating the middle merchant class providing the social stabilizing effect of a theological foundation?

Source: The Fossilization of Martin Luther

World’s End Update. The “Last Things” According to Francis

Let’s be honest.  If this is what the Pope believes he is well off the reservation. I know that it’s the current Jesuit approach but it’s not inline with Church doctrine or Scripture.  Oh yeah.  That’s to rigid and Pharisitical.

Source: World’s End Update. The “Last Things” According to Francis