Recommended Sites

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Catholic Answers | Site | Podcast
Saints and Skeptics | Site
Apologetics 315 | Blog
Called to Communion | Site | Podcast
Uncommon Sense (American Chesterton Society) | Blog | Podcast
Into the Deep | Blog | Podcast
NEW! Biblical Evidence of Catholicism | Blog
Haydock’s Catholic Bible Commentary (1859 Edition) | Site
Matthew Henry’s Bible Commentary | Site
USCCB New American Bible | Site
Douay-Rheims Catholic Bible | Site
Sursum Cor: Spiritual Talks | Site | Podcast
St Irenaeus Ministries | Site | Podcast
The Catechiwi Podcast | Site | Podcast
Orthodox Church History | Blog | Podcast
Catholic Education Resource Center (CERC) | SiteNewsletter
US Conference of Catholic Bishops | Site
Catechism of the Catholic Church (Revised Edition) | Site
USCCB – Catechism of the Catholic Church (Revised Edition) | Site
Education (Online Courses)
NEW! Knights of Columbus (Catholic Information Service : CIS) | Site
Catholic Church History (1-500AD) | Site
Timeline of Church History (Orthodox Wiki) | Site
Prof Peter Kreeft | Site | Podcast
Our Catholic Prayers | Site
SaintCast | Site | Podcast
Catholic Saints Index | Site
Writings (PDF)
Documenta Catholica Omnia (e-book database) | Site
The Catholic Primer | Site
Free Catholic Books | Site
Pope John Paul II Writings | Site
Encyclicals by John Paul II | Site
Church Documents | Site
Catholic eBooks | Site
Internet Medieval Sourcebooks | Site
Catholic Spiritual Classics | Site
Early Church Writings | Site
Internet Christian Library | Site
Early Church Fathers | Site
Christian Classics Ethereal Library (CCEL) | Site

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