I’m a new Catholic convert with a fire for discipleship, catechesis, and Catholic formation that leads to transformed lives in Christ. Let Christ’s Church again put out into the deep (Luke 5:4). Into a deep understanding, deep faith, deep discipleship, and deep and effective evangelism of our neighbors and communities.  Let us move from being informed, to being formed, and finally to transformed lives.

Let us, with all care and diligence, carry the Torch

Receive it, Guard it, and Faithfully Pass it Along

About Me

I’ve been married for close to 30 yrs to a wonderful and supportive wife and have two great kids.  We believe and hold to a Christ centered family life and commitment to serving our community.  I was a Protestant for over 34 yrs and actively served my church in many capacities during that time (youth ministry, church staff, adult education, and music ministry).  These were wonderful experiences and opportunities to grow in my faith and see lives changed by the simple act of service.

Four years ago my wife and I became completely disillusioned and disheartened with the so called “seeker friendly” movement seen in so many “progressive” or non-denominational churches and the slow movement to social relativism by many Protestant denominations.  We saw good people doing good things but where was the faith, where was the love and awe of God, where was the truth?  Just as Christ promised in Matt 7:7 when you ask, I mean really ask and seek and knock, He will open the door.

In the same way that Jesus reached out to me when I was 15 yrs old He again sent a friend to invite me to attend my first Catholic Mass.  As soon as we walked in we knew we were home.  We saw and felt the awe of God and the loving community we read of in the early church.  I can’t say the journey was easy and we had our share of questions and preconceived ideas to work through but thanks to God after a year of intense studying, learning, and prayer my family and I joined the Catholic Church during the 2010 Easter Vigil.  We are blessed with a wonderful parish, staff and loving church community and are active in it’s ministries.

I am glad for all that God gave me and my family during those 34 yrs as a Protestant.  I can only explain it this way, Jesus has a fullness He wants for His body the Church, as Protestants we wanted to pick and choose while leaving empty handed and starving most of the time but as a Catholic I can sit at His banquet table and partake heartily of His graces and teachings.  It’s the difference of walking through an unfinished house with only its frame and then walking through it after everything is complete.

One is just a place to work and the other is a home to live in.

I study daily and God faithfully continues to open and reveal the sacred scriptures, our history and traditions, and the teachings He has given the Church.   We must realize how blessed we are today in America to have all the scriptural resources and historical writings at our fingertips.  I can honestly say, that in all that I have read and learned over the last few years I have yet to find anything that would detract from my faith in Christ or His church.  My faith has only grown and matured as I’ve spent more time understanding the Christ centered foundation of the Catholic Church .  Sadly, what I have found to be true is exemplified in the following quote:

“There are not more than 100 people in the world who truly hate the Catholic Church, but there are millions who hate what they perceive to be the Catholic Church.  ….As a matter of fact, if we Catholics believed all of the untruths and lies which were said against the Church, we probably would hate the Church a thousand times more than they do.”  ~ Archbishop Sheen

This Blog

My hope and desire for this blog is to provide a forum where those who aren’t Catholic can understand what the Catholic Church actually says and believes and where Catholics can sharpen our faith through clear and charitable discussion.

Proverbs 27:17 – As iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another.

May this be a place where I share my faith in charity and with great clarity.


~ Rob Brock



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