Never forget the bloody horrors of the English Reformation

It is a true statement that history is written by the victors and it is a fair statement to say Protestantism has prevailed in Europe and in the US.  There is no better historical event that demonstrates this than the 500 years of Protestant Reformation that even now continues to spew its anti-Catholic history for its roots have always pushed the application of Protestantism as an attack and reject of it’s source, Catholicism.  Good historians of today know they must read previous Protestant influenced historical accounts with an eye and ear for propaganda if they are to tweeze out the truth. Blindly accepting what seems to be common beliefs of the past shows the true ignorance that many academics demonstrate in our universities, schools, and media.

Take for instance the recent BBC and PBS mini-Series and movies on the Tudor’s, Queen Elizabeth, and Henry VIII. These are full of support for Protestantism and attacks on Catholicism as you would expect since they are trying to show their character, especially Queen Elizabeth, in a positive light and possibly even a pro-feminist characterization.  What better heroine, standing up to attacks and men, than the Virgin Queen? The Protestant version of Mother Mary.  The problem is all the horror and death they leave out that was protracted against Catholics which was the religion of England since its conception.  What right did English monarch’s have to force a Catholic country to become Protestant through mass murder?

Source: Never forget the bloody horrors of the English Reformation

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