Cardinal Sarah Confirms Vatican Retains Last Word on Translations

In a new article, the prefect of the Congregation for Divine Worship discusses the effects of the Pope’s recent revisions to canon law governing liturgical translations.

Why would the Pope propose that local conferences can go and write their own liturgical translations?  Hmm.  The obvious issue would be the eventual destruction of the mark of the Church of unity in faith and worship. One could no longer go from country to country and be comfortable attending mass.  We would no longer be universal.  It would put us on par with the Protestants with a type of sola liturgica.

It appears to be another ambiguous document intended to support and promote future shadow reforms.  Think about it.  We’ve seen leadership changes, school curriculum changes, priest formation changes, research institute changes with the new JPII Institute, a raising of a priest army by asking the Jesuits to help push Amoris Laetitia, and  now promoting change in Liturgy and worship.  The last piece will likely be a change of Canon law which is even now being proposed.  So it seems the Pope is by an “executive order” process implementing all the liberal changes that Vatican II set the ground work for but never magisterially promulgated in its documents.  I wonder then why Pope’s Paul VI, St John Paul II, and Benedict XVI corrected and fought against these reforms?

I’m glad we have knowledgeable and orthodox Cardinals still around that point out the authority and responsibility still stops at the Vatican.  More than ever we need to be a voice for truth and orthodoxy at our parishes.  Join your worship committees.  If not us than who?

Source: Cardinal Sarah Confirms Vatican Retains Last Word on Translations


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