Francis takes aim at Jonah for rigidity—and misses again.

At Mass on Tuesday, Pope Francis took off on yet another flight of rigidity fancy. Preaching on Jonah’s grumbling efforts to prophesy to the Ninevites, the Pope identified Jonah as the epitome of rigidity—the antihero of all those who fail to appreciate God’s mercy.

For anyone who has read any of the Pope’s homilies the evidence demonstrates that he has difficulties.  He admits himself that he isn’t a theologian so should we really expect much more than what we hear from him on airplane interviews?  I think we should expect more.

For him to beat this dead horse of “rigidity” over and over demonstrates it a personal issue he is fight rather than what he is responsible for – faith and morals.

The miraculous point of the reading isn’t Jonah but that once the Ninevites sins were revealed they repented.  Praise God!  But it required someone to point out their sins.  Why wouldn’t his homily be about God’s mercy through the recognition of our sins which leads to repentance and forgiveness? Oh yeah.  There is no sin if you feel at peace with God about your actions.  So let’s not be rigid because it highlights people’s sins and then they don’t feel at peace.

Would the Pope say God was rigid by saying if the Ninevites didn’t repent that they would be destroyed? I guess God always knew they would repent and this was really just a test of Jonah using a whole city to do it and a ship full of people.  Hmm.  Kind of makes God out to be mean wouldn’t it?

Source: Francis takes aim at Jonah for rigidity—and misses again.


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