“Sensus Fidei” and Fr. Martin

The authority of the Church’s teachings cannot be tested by consulting the inner senses of practicing Catholics—regardless of what Father James Martin, SJ believes.

I am continually amazed at the lengths leaders and trusted consultants of the Vatican will go to confuse and distort great magisterial documents.  It’s shocking that someone hired to be a high ranking communications expert can’t seem to read a rigorous document like Sensus Fidei  and properly communicate it.

“The faithful must reflect on the teaching that has been given, making every effort to understand and accept it. Resistance, as a matter of principle, to the teaching of the magisterium is incompatible with the authentic sensus fidei.” (SF 80) (To understand public opinion vs Sensus Fidei read p. 113-119)

Source: “Sensus Fidei” and Fr. Martin | Gregory Brown


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