A Memo to Google Employees on the Recent Outrage

To: All Google Employees From: Unoi’m Carasee, Vice President of Mutually Exclusive Propositions Subject: The Recent Outrage Dear Google Employees: In light of the horrific assault on Google values recently made by a former employee, we feel it is necessary to add a few further propositions to the official Google List of Mandatory Beliefs.

Based on restrictive initiatives by large social media companies like Facebook and Twitter on free speech (you should really question why you support them by your participation) this “tongue in cheek” memo strikes close to reality.

I guess the question is who is really in control and who’s the slave?  It’s likely you’ve thought about that at work recently with the increasing “voluntary” social initiatives and “encouraged” health checkups to save on your health plan costs.  Who really owns me and the data about me?

Source: A Memo to Google Employees on the Recent Outrage – Crisis Magazine


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