Metaphysical Mischief: The Bergoglio Gloss

“Every theology necessarily incorporates a philosophy, for there will always be a natural way of thinking that under-girds the exposition of revelation. Like everyman, popes have philosophies, and although it is not the business of a pope to advocate any philosophy, the philosophy every pope presupposes will influence his representation of the Catholic faith…”

A really nice article highlighting the break we see between the philosophical underpinnings of the last two pope’s theologies and that of Pope Francis.

It highlights the negative effects of holding reality above the ideal.  We must recognize that Christ didn’t call us to live according to reality but to the ideal of the Gospel.  Christ was not a rigorist.

One might suggest that without the ideal and hope of health a person would not go to a hospital.  We don’t go to a hospital to stay sick or call sickness health.  Doing that is a form of eventual euthanasia to the soul.

Source: Metaphysical Mischief: The Bergoglio Gloss – Crisis Magazine


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