No Apology Necessary: Of Harbors, Harbingers, and Kids at Mass

“Suffer the little children, and forbid them not to come to me” (Mt 19.14).

Do everything you can to help young families feel accepted and appreciated the next time you see them in Mass.  Go out of your way to talk with the new young family that is visiting your parish.  They are very courageous in confronting the stodgy Catholic culture often expressed by those of us that have forgotten the oppression felt by scornful looks we received regarding our own children not so many years ago.  Your children were exactly the same.  Help them.  Don’t hurt them.

These children are the future of the Church.  Are you being a good example to these Mass novices? Do you even care?  Jesus does.  Maybe you should too.  Step up.

Source: No Apology Necessary: Of Harbors, Harbingers, and Kids at Mass


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