Vatican archbishop: I ‘don’t…need to defend’ Christian values, ‘they defend themselves’

He suggested that Church teaching on life, marriage, and family prior to Pope Francis is inadequate.

This should be a wake up call to all Catholics that love the Church and hold to it’s teachings.

  • Paglia isn’t going to defend Church teachings.
  • He believes his position is to promote the Pope’s reforms.
  • He’s hiring people who will advance a new strategy.
  • He sees those defending Church teachings as wrong.

In effect he has redefined his office as a propaganda mechanism for the Pope’s reforms and new strategy. This interview along with the one by the Pope this week comparing the US to North Korea and the article demonizing Catholics that partner with Evangelicals on subjects like abortion show us clearly a strategic plan of cultural propaganda being promoted from within our Church.

Source: Vatican archbishop: I ‘don’t…need to defend’ Christian values, ‘they defend themselves’


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