Teen Vogue wants to teach your kids ‘the right way’ to have anal sex. Seriously

‘Teen Vogue’ delves into a subject that should be taboo.

Parents, protect your children.  The world and Leftist dominant culture have other plans with or without your permission.  As the Nazis once held, if they can capture the minds of the children, they capture the future.

It’s time to start considering ways to remove your children from the damaging affects of media, magazines, movies, video games, and even what is taught through school.  Leftists are in fact forming your children, what are you going to do about it?

Consider Catholic homeschooling, dinner time together without cellphones that starts with prayer, family weekends outdoors in nature and not isolated to the sidelines on a soccer field, and simply talking about what you believe with your children.  If the children don’t hear and see our countercultural examples all they will see and hear is the culture.

They have your kids for most of the day so make the most of the time you have.

Source: Teen Vogue wants to teach your kids ‘the right way’ to have anal sex. Seriously


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