Why Our Church is in Decline

The influx of immigrants from Latin America hides the number decline

The awe and transcendence of God, recognizable in some of our parishes, is exactly what interested me in the Catholic Church after years of Christian pep rally’s in non-denominational communities.  The move of the Church toward a Protestant expression is only increasing our decline while the hopeful effects of unbridled immigration is a short term bump as they too hurtle toward assimilation to the culture.  Our people are starving for God.

It is also self-evident by the data regarding the last 50 years of rupture and radical Vatican II change that it hasn’t worked and is actually hurting the Church.  They have failed and no one is willing to admit it.  We must recognize that today’s desire for unconditional acceptance of sin and the cultures beliefs isn’t the way to fill pews and certainly wasn’t the way Jesus challenged his disciples.  (John 6:66-69)  Was he not merciful? Was he not truthful and challenging of the culture?

Source: Why Our Church is in Decline


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