The Good Soldier

Cardinal Müller experienced life under Francis as a sort of Calvary, but was a good soldier to the end.

The information in the article clearly shows we really don’t know much about our Pope.  He appears to have a mean side for someone the publics been conditioned to see as a nice guy.

It’s sad that the Pope couldn’t even wait till Mueller was done with presiding over a Mass before requiring him to come to a meeting, calling him right from the alter.  Not much care or reverence shown for the Mass or Eucharist in that action. I guess when he’s mad all bets are off.

“This behavior is not surprising for anybody who knows how Jorge Maria Bergoglio acted while provincial superior of the Jesuit Province of Argentina—he was dismissed from that position for being unduly authoritarian—and as archbishop of Buenos Aires.”

I thought the Pope considered all that authoritarian stuff as rigid and pharisitical.  Where is the mercy?

Source: The Good Soldier | Marco Tosatti


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