BREAKING: Pope removes conservative Vatican doctrine chief

Cardinal Muller, 69, has been steadfast in opposing the liberal interpretation of Amoris Laetitia.

The Pope has now squashed all resistance to his reforms and it’s almost unthinkable that he would now respond to the dubia.  It is likely that this is the result of resent comments and interviews where Cardinal Mueller held strong to truth, Scripture, doctrine and Tradition.  The Pope will not suffer resistance and this is the same action taken against Burke and Sarah.

The Pope has now stacked the Cardinals so that even in his absence his shadow reforms, in support of cultural norms, will continue. A great dark storm has filled the Church.  Are we seeing the passion today of Christ in his earthly body, the Church?

Look to the Benedict option.  Look to the upper room experience where we pray and wait for the Holy Spirit.  We must form small faithful communities to ride it out.

Source: BREAKING: Pope removes conservative Vatican doctrine chief


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