Pope Francis’ May 8 Homily — A Response to the Dubia Cardinals?

In his first opportunity to preach after receiving the cardinals’ request for an audience, the Pope warned against resisting the Holy Spirit and fearing “novelties of the Church.”

I have read a number of the Pope’s homilies of late and I must admit that they generally leave me confused about what he’s trying to say and how he is using Scripture.

This homily is no different.  His references to Peter really don’t coincide with the text nor the context of the Scripture he’s referring to.  In fact, his quoting of St Vincent seems to contradict his point if you read the quote thoughtfully.

I would suggest if he is trying to make a point to the dubia Cardinal’s that he simply meet with them instead of continuing his practice of confusion and shadowed attempts at reform.

He has lost the point of St Vincent which is clearly identified by Cardinal Newman that the Holy Spirit isn’t schizophrenic.  He doesn’t contradict himself. Reform led by the Holy Spirit will never deny past truth. It is a continuity and not a rupture but it seems the Pope can’t go talk to the Pope Emeritus who wrote about this topic even though he lives near him.

Source: Pope Francis’ May 8 Homily — A Response to the Dubia Cardinals?


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