Full Text of Dubia Cardinals’ Letter Asking Pope for an Audience

The April 25 missive was hand-delivered to the Pope on May 6 but has received no response.

The next and appropriate step has been taken by the dubia Cardinals, a request for an audience with the Pope.  It seems there are three likely outcomes: the Pope will not respond which will prompt the Cardinals to draft a correction to Amoris Laetitia; the Pope meets with them and demands silence and obedience; or the Pope meets with them and a declarative statement on AL is agreed to.

Likely any meeting that leads to the silencing of the Cardinals will place the Pope in a very bad light.  A correction by the Pope is extremely unlikely after his many approvals of those seeking a reform.  I assume silence from the Pope will be the ongoing situation forcing the Cardinals to appear as the bad guys attacking the Pope, which won’t lead to any real change anyway since their correction will not be approved by the Vatican.  The result in that situation is a confirmation of reform without continuity = rupture.  Exactly what the Pope Emeritus warned us about.

Source: Full Text of Dubia Cardinals’ Letter Asking Pope for an Audience


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