‘Doctrinal Anarchy’ as Bishops’ Conflicting Positions on Amoris Laetitia Show

Polish and Belgian bishops have become the latest to issue statements on Communion for civilly remarried divorcees, and both contradict the other.

Bishops are not to be independent innovators but by their ordination to be faithful to the Apostles teaching by receiving, protecting, and faithfully passing on what they received.  Continuity and not rupture is the key defining characteristic of a bishop. Rupture and confusion is the hermeneutic of the enemy.

Collegiality is not a process of subjective individuality as if they are a gaggle of little princes but that which defines the bishops authority through unity.  Bishops in a sense are only bishops when they teach in unity with each other.  What else is the lesson of the first council of Jerusalem.  Didn’t St Paul validate what he was teaching with the Apostles at Jerusalem so that he wasn’t teaching in vain? (Gal 2:2)

Where is the clear declaration of the council of Jerusalem?  Where is the clarifying voice of James found in the letter sent back to the gentiles in the Church of Antioch (Acts 15).  Silence and self direction doesn’t represent the Apostolic succession.

Source: ‘Doctrinal Anarchy’ as Bishops’ Conflicting Positions on Amoris Laetitia Show


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