A day in the life of John Paul II

In an extensive interview, Archbishop Mieczysław Mokrzycki, a secretary to two popes, recalled a number of details from John Paul II’s everyday life. “I saw what others did not see,”…

Let’s look at a life of faith and reason that can also guide us to sainthood.  JPII’s daily life of constant prayer in all situations and reading/learning allowed him to be a wise and spirit led man.  Consider how tough a man and how strong a will he had after years of formation.  He wasn’t soft nor rigid but an example of pastoral love within the truth of the Church: fides et ratio.  A Pope for our day.

We must actively and regularly learn and pray if we also hope to be a sharp tool in the hands of our Father.  Formation is our life long job.  Let’s get to it. Why are you waiting?

Read and learn from St John Paul II and our Pope emeritus Benedict XVI.  These are men of proven character.  These are men of the Church.

Source: A day in the life of John Paul II


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