Orthodox leader: Gay marriage laws should be compared to Nazi laws

His All-Holiness Kirill called homosexual unions a ‘complete break with the moral nature of man.’

I’m glad to see we still have leaders who will speak up.  I will especially listen to someone, who like JPII, have actually lived through political and government oppression.  Prelates from the west  have no idea.

I found it extremely interesting the comparison between immorality that rejects natural law and socio-political constructs such as fascism, socialism, communism, and liberation theology.  They oppress the human person because they deny natural law through a totalitarian enforcement  and promote a recognizably false anthropology.  We are seeing this in our US laws and courts every day.  If people weren’t afraid of the courts and getting sued the left wouldn’t have a foot to stand on.

Source: Orthodox leader: Gay marriage laws should be compared to Nazi laws


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