Pro-Lifers: Get Out of Medicine!

Doctors in the United States cannot be forced to perform abortions or assist suicides [yet]. But there is a concerted campaign to change this.

When perhaps the world’s most prestigious medical journal, the New England Journal of Medicine, publishes an article that recommends the following its clear doctors and nurses are being asked to choose between their careers and their convictions.

Health care professionals who are unwilling to accept these limits have two choices: select an area of medicine, such as radiology, that will not put them in situations that conflict with their personal morality or, if there is no such area, leave the profession.

The wholesale purchase of ever private doctors office in the state by large hospitals is an eventual step toward the future enforcement of medical moral consensus and socialized medicine in the United States. We are seeing the social effects of big business when states enact laws they don’t like. The same will happen with medicine.

Source: Pro-Lifers: Get Out of Medicine! | Wesley J. Smith


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