Pope slams conservative ‘fanatics’ who make doctrine an ‘ideology’

While faithful Church leaders were addressing the Rome Life Forum, Pope Francis preached against ‘people … that upset souls.’

Sorry but we hear the same comments from government and corporate types that simply want to silence whistleblowers.  Isn’t the only thing being asked is to clarify the teachings found in the tradition of Christ’s Church, the Catechism, Canon Law, and Christs direct words from Scripture.  Shouldn’t this be the job of Peter?  Shouldn’t this be easy for Peter?  Why so much resistance?

Why won’t the Pope clarify and answer the questions?  Why won’t he defend Church teachings? Why is he bad mouthing his own Bishops and only providing one answer, “obey me”? The thin velvet glove of mercy has hid the iron fist.  It’s interesting how propoganda has a crafty way of using key words to denigrate generally by taking what was good and defining it as bad.  Is “doctrine” now a bad word?

Source: Pope slams conservative ‘fanatics’ who make doctrine an ‘ideology’


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