(Exclusive) Cardinal Caffarra: “What Sr. Lucia wrote to me is being fulfilled today”

Sr. Lucia’s prophetic words that “the decisive battle” between the Lord and Satan would be over marriage and the family “is being fulfilled today,”

The attacks today by LGBT, abortion, and gender theory are directed pointedly toward the destruction of the woman.  Women are loosing their specific identity which is being replaced by a masculinzed feminism, or one might rightly say a slavish  weak masculinity that is easy to control.  Women are being asked, if not out right forced, to accept the destruction of their femininity .  A sterile weak masculinity is the model for the future global person because it best supports the economic serfdom envisioned by the elites.  The machine must never stop.

In every major economic development such as the coal industry and the manufacturing booms the need for a controlled male oriented and slavish workforce has been need.  Think of the coal towns owned by the mining companies.  Once the husband died the family was kicked out of the mine owned home.  They were not important unless they could mine coal.  So woman are not seen as important unless they can work.  Why do you think double incomes, rising daycare, abortion, desctruction of the family, lower birth rates, lack of modesty, and gender confusion are being pushed on women specifically?

Source: (Exclusive) Cardinal Caffarra: “What Sr. Lucia wrote to me is being fulfilled today”


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