We are witnessing St. John Paul II’s prophesy of an ‘anti-Church’: Catholic priest

‘Things ecclesiastic and catholic are falling apart and a pastoral anarchy has been loosed upon the Church.’

We must always understand that Satan is looking to lead the Church a stray.  We, the Church, are the body of Christ and so are continually being drawn into the wilderness experience of temptations. Christ warned we should daily pick up our cross and that the servant is not greater than the master.  Why should it come as a surprise that Satan wants to draw us into the wilderness to temp the Church over and over again.  He always expects to win at some point.

Will the Church accept the treasures and wisdom of the world or deny them as our Lord did?  Will you eat the apple as Eve or accept the pieced heart of Mary?

Source: We are witnessing St. John Paul II’s prophesy of an ‘anti-Church’: Catholic priest


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