An Artistic Reflection on St. John Paul II’s ‘Letter to Artists’

Those of us have felt that artistic “spark” brimming within us — those of us that love to write, to create, to paint, draw and sing — would do well to heed the call upon our souls that this Letter speaks of.

I have often suggested that we should reread St. JPII’s writings because of their prophetic warnings and catechesis on the coming age.  So it’s not surprising that St. JPII has taught on the topic of art.  He saw how art and nature were being removed from our daily lives and environments and understood its effect of drawing us away from God.

If you want to begin growing in wonder and awe of God begin a new tradition of spending time in nature and viewing classical art.  It’s only natural for them to elevate our spirits to seek their source.

Source: An Artistic Reflection on St. John Paul II’s ‘Letter to Artists’


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