The Scriptures, the Spirit, and the Sheepfold

Obedience can not be separated from authority.

We can not say of Christ that he is our authority and Lord if we aren’t obedient and decide to choose our own ways.  By choosing to following our own ways we’ve in effect schismed in our hearts and created heresies in our minds to make us feel better about disobedience.

You might say it’s to hard; only an ideal that we should try to follow; it’s not in sync with the cultural norms; or it doesn’t make sense to my way of thinking.  These were all the thoughts going through the rich young mans mind when Jesus asked him to sell everything and follow him.  It’s what is also is going through our minds each day when Christ’s asks us to daily carry our cross.

What is ongoing sanctification if not to help us become evermore obedient to the one we say is our authority, our Lord. Is it not to become more obedient each day until we are fully obedient?  Isn’t this the state we will be in in heaven?

Ala-carte Catholics are simply saying they aren’t going to be fully obedient.  There’s a line after which they will only obey themselves.  God then is held at arms length and judged by our standards.  We become gods and live in a corrupted heaven of our own making.  This is the promise of the serpent and we are eating the apple again today.

If I only believe in what I agree, the one I believe in is me.

Source: The Scriptures, the Spirit, and the Sheepfold: A Reply to Dr. Wes Bredenhof


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