Pope Francis’ teaching on marriage is not ‘in the Spirit of Christ’: scholar

‘Francis thinks he’s winning, but he’s not doing things in the Spirit of Christ.’

The theologian Dr. Anna M. Silvas suggests that the push to follow the Orthodox example of remarriage and communion has been going on for many years within the western Church well before Pope Francis.  It is clearly visible in the arguments between Cardinals Kasper and Ratzinger after Vatican II.  The Orthodox Church and followers of their approach of a vague “kindness”, like the Cardinal Kaspers group, have disregarded the teachings of the Early Church Fathers especially those of the east dealing with this vary issue. In response to what might be a solution she leaves us with these words “A Russian saint, a monk, the Elder Paisos said something like this, ‘The things I see going on around me would drive me insane if I did not remember that the Lord will have the last word.'”

Source: Pope Francis’ teaching on marriage is not ‘in the Spirit of Christ’: scholar


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