Sex Education in California Sparks Culture Clash

“This should not be viewed as a local issue, but one that will be coming up in every school district across the country,” said one analyst, as immigrant parents lead the fight against a hotly debated curriculum.

If you’re a parent with school age children you need to know about this because it’s coming  to your school in one form or another.  Those promoting and profiting from the pop culture trends know it’s to hard and to costly to change the minds of adults so they have wisely turned their energizes and finances to indoctrinating your children right in their classrooms.

They know within 10-20 years these young voters will be indifferent to these issues and so won’t stand against their progressive ideologies. These young adults will either be true believers or really won’t care.  Either way, they think they will win. They are banking their political  and future social control on Groupthink. Your child will be just one more brick in their wall.

What can you do? Take control of your school options. Don’t leave the educational choices up to your career situation, the pursuit of convenience, or the desire for scholastic prestige.  Do the hard thing and consider options that might require work and time on your part.  Join the school committee reviewing classroom materials.  Talk to you child’s teacher about their curriculum.  Look at other schools instead of blindly trusting the one you’re in.  Maybe even consider homeschooling. There are great resources and Catholic Homeschool communities out there.  All you have to do is look.

Source: Sex Education in California Sparks Culture Clash


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