Pope Francis: Don’t be ‘more Papist than the Pope’

As is often the case we’re left with unanswered puzzlement when trying to determine what the Pope means by his examples and short criticisms.  For instance what does being more papist than the Pope really mean and how is that even possible?

The articles mentions another popular criticism from the Pope of “proselytism or coercion,” “…which goes against the Gospel.”  I’m wondering where evangelization and spreading the good news to all nations fits in the Popes opinions about proselytism.  We’re not sure because we never hear about evangelization from him.

Do we have a call from Christ to share the words of Christ with those who don’t believe in Christ?  How would that possibly be proselytism unless you see those you are speaking to as already disciples who you simple are trying to encourage to change affiliations? Does the Pope believe all will find their way to Christ and do it in their own way?  Are the criticisms of proselytism really a radical ecumenism that sees all religions as equal? Is this the way to peaceful coexistence?

We don’t know.

Source: Pope Francis: Don’t be ‘more Papist than the Pope’


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