Cardinal Dolan slams Democrats’ abortion edict: ‘Extreme, disturbing, intolerant’

Tom Perez, chairman of the Democratic National Committee, promised in a statement last Friday to back only Democratic candidates who hold a pro-abortion position.  I guess if you’re a Democrat you’re now automatically pro-abortion by decree from Perez.  Why don’t you let him know what you think about that?

Why is the right to kill the unborn a primary political position? He must be trying to buy a few votes for the next election or he’s getting paid on the side by “sugar daddy” Planned Parenthood.  If they can’t kill babies they can’t make money.

Perez argued that abortion should be nationalized rather than conditionally based on state or city decisions.  It’s funny that in effect he is arguing that an elite few of Democratic nominees should direct the country rather than allowing the citizenship of our states and cities to voice their opinion?  It sounds like the Democrats would now support the British tea tax? I guess they’re no longer a constitutional party that believes in state rights.

Source: Cardinal Dolan slams Democrats’ abortion edict: ‘Extreme, disturbing, intolerant’


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