Treachery Among the Knights of Malta


Greed, cover-ups, betrayal, corruption surround ancient military order

Luke 8:17 says there is nothing hidden that won’t become visible. The question is will anyone care or react.  As Luke 8:18 says, we have to take care how we hear.  Has corruption become so common that we no longer flinch when we see it?  How bad does it have to get before we react?

It is amazing that those Vatican initiates to address the Curia, banking, priest abuses, and even the Order of Malta are being manipulated and directed by the vary people who are involved in the issues.  The axiom is “follow the money” and it shows a powerful and rich German Conference (richer than the Vatican because of the German Church tax) pulling the Vatican strings.  Money is the key and whether locally or the Vatican, we should watch were it flows and into whose hands.

It’s funny that orthodox prelates are being called Pharisees by the progressive tax collecting prelates.

Source: Treachery Among the Knights of Malta


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