A Disunited Methodist Church

Just as the Roman Catholic Church was shaped, in part, by the culture of the Empire, so Methodism is shaped by American democracy.

I post this not to attach Methodists but to suggest that the Catholic Church is now in the process of following the same path with the same possible results.  We must learn from others mistakes or make them ourselves. God doesn’t promise to save us from stupidity.

Liberal Protestantism’s God—the “God without wrath [who] brought men without sin into a kingdom without judgment through the ministrations of a Christ without a cross” (as H. Richard Niebuhr put it)—has trouble saying “No” to anything except the racism, sexism, and other isms denounced by progressives. So do bishops who worship this God. As you might guess, these bishops believe this God is all—and I mean all!—about the grace of acceptance.

Source: A Disunited Methodist Church | Paul T. Stallsworth


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