Cardinal Kasper: Pope sees married priests debate ‘positively,’ seeks proposals from bishops’ conferences

Pope Francis ‘wants to leave the decision up to the bishops’ conferences,’ claims the German cardinal.

It is argued that allowing married priests will solve the priest shortage but neither historical examples nor the voices of today support that conclusion.  What else then is at play with this next step in the progressive agenda riding the Francis Effect?

Two thoughts come to mind.  First, we must begin to realize that many leading the Church are doing so from a Catholo-Protestant ideology.  Yes, the belief in one uiversal Church has led many to seek a Protestantized Catholic Church following the path established by the Anglican community in integrating the culture.  We see how great that’s working out.

Secondly, the motto states, “follow the money.” Who is calling for this the loudest?  The German Conference which is dying from lack of vocations.  The ring leader himself, Cardinal Marx, only has one vocation to his name.  Without priests they can’t keep parishes open.  Without parishes they can’t collect taxes that pay some of the largest priest salaries in the world. Has the progressive agenda grown or diminished the German Church?  The answer is obvious.

Imagine if this is allowed.  The Reformation shows us the results.  All religious orders would likely consider removing their rules of celibacy.  Not just priests. Would we see nuns and priests marrying as Luther did?  Would we have divorced and civilly remarried men becoming priests? Why not?  Would this actually bankrupt the Church since it would need to pay higher salaries to allow priests to support their families?  What about the pay of celibate priests? Would parishes be money makers for the priests thus decentralizing them from their diocese and in fact making them non-denominational in practice.  Would only mega parishes survive?

So ask yourself why is the Pope ready to consider this proposal? Is it a realistic way to grow vocations and the Church or simply one more step toward an irrational  Catholo-Protestant unification.  Is one world Church the same as the true Church?

Source: Cardinal Kasper: Pope sees married priests debate ‘positively,’ seeks proposals from bishops’ conferences


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