Bishop Barron on Protestantism and Authority

Very nice discussion on the topic of interpretive authority. It’s reasonably applicable to what we are now seeing as a “Francis Effect” among our bishops regarding marriage, LGBT, gender theory, population control, and the list goes on. It appears the bishops are pursuing a Protestant democracy which history demonstrates will result in 30k denominations of Catholicism as we saw within Protestantism immediately starting with and in Luther’s time. If we don’t learn we are destined to repeat the errors of the past. Now is the time we need a strong Pope to referee. Many bishops and priests will follow the path of Calvin and Zwingli without a referee much stronger than Luther.

Is Cardinal Burke the new anti-Luther calling the wayward Church back to its roots, back to unity, back to orthodoxy in the face of visible and unhindered schism by our bishops?  In the face of a form of “Catholo-Protestantism”  do we need a champion for Catholicism?



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