How to Save the Soul of Our Catholic Schools

“How can we make our school more Catholic?” This is a real question schools ask, some with perplexity. Is it a new curriculum? Better religion classes? Having the kids come to Mass? The answer is vital for the future of Catholic education.

I agree with the value of the points suggested in the article but highlight to two points of reality that are assumed in the solution but unlikely to happen. First, the changes make the assumption of a one size fits regarding the student population.  Most Catholic schools are not all Catholic.  Many, and especially our high schools, are 50% non-Catholic so solutions of prayer and Eucharist can’t be applied across the board.  Secondly, increasing the visibility of religious and priests is impossible in the short term and unlikely given the schools current hiring practices. Just like parishes we are hiring more and more non-Catholic employees.  How do we expect to promote Catholic Identity through non-Catholic employees?  How has that worked out for our Catholic in name only universities?

So, if our Catholic schools were full of Catholic students and Catholic teachers we might be able to make changes. As it is, financial concerns are guiding many such choices.

Source: How to Save the Soul of Our Catholic Schools – Crisis Magazine


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