Munus Docendi

Here’s a thoughtful commentary on the current expression of the papacy based on an essay written by the late Fr. Karl Rahner (1904-1984) called “A Letter from the Pope in the Year 2020.”  The voice of Rahner’s futuristic pope is eerily similar to what we hear today.

Here’s a link to the actual essay.

I’m sure, in our work places, we’ve all had experience with a leader who tries to be “just one of the guys” and “get along” often never really leading.  One tends to see flashes of anger and bullheadedness when their attempts to be liked don’t work or their plans questioned.

In times of difficulty when the sheep are scattering do they need a shepherd with a strong voice who leads with a rod and hook (justice and mercy) or another sheep who stands next to them telling them everything is okay?

Source: Munus Docendi


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