The ‘via dolorosa’ of sacred music and hope for its resurrection

VATICAN CITY —Pope Francis last week called for an end to the “mediocrity, superficiality and banality” that has entered into liturgical music in the Catholic Church since Vatican II.

Catholic music and art are supposed to inform and guide the culture not the reverse.  Following the lead and style of Christian pop music will only lead people out of the Church not into it.

When there’s no difference in the look and feel between a mega Catholic Church and a Crossroads seeker friendly community people will go down, as water, the easiest path.  Being Catholic is hard but the deep spiritual beautiful of our music , art and liturgy help us carry our cross another day while the quick emotionally sugary fix of the pop culture will only leave us weak and traditionally sickly.

Source: The ‘via dolorosa’ of sacred music and hope for its resurrection


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