Pope Francis: ‘We have to think about’ married priests in Catholic Church

The pontiff called vocations to the priesthood an ‘enormous problem,’ especially in Germany and Switzerland.

Should we treat the symptom or the root problem.  This reminds me of Payday stores in poor neighborhoods.  It is short sighted and always escalates the problem.

In countries who’s liberalization is diminishing the importance of the Church and the priesthood and who’s parishes are mostly empty why would we use them as examples to change the priesthood?

Why wouldn’t we look at dioceses who have growing vocations and mimic what they are doing?  Hmm…those are the rigid traditionalist and fundamentalists.  We don’t want to follow them, right?

If God’s ways bear fruit shouldn’t we pick from the trees with fruit and cut down the ones that don’t fruit?  Maybe we send missionaries from Africa into Germany, Switzerland and even the US.   Wouldn’t that be a wiser idea?

Source: Pope Francis: ‘We have to think about’ married priests in Catholic Church


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