The Eighth Deadly Sin

Learn and proclaim what the Catholic Church actually teaches. Not to do so is cowardice.

Strong words but if you dig deep and understand yourself, which is the beginning and not the end of knowledge, I believe you will come to the same conclusion.  The picture is challenging too.  How many of you have a Catechism and how many have read it through?  Since the Catechism of the Catholic Church is THE resource for understanding and explaining our faith shouldn’t it be your “go to” resource when you have questions?  Shouldn’t it be dogeared and full of highlights? Some may say Scripture alone. Some may say Magisterium or Tradition first. The CCC properly integrates them all in a symphony of both/and in a way that we can easily understand and learn from.

Many complain it’s too thick.  That’s probably why they put a table of contents in the front and an index and glossary in the back.  If you can use a dictionary you can use the Catechism.  Are you going to rely on the opinion of others as your source like you already lean on the crutch of spellcheck or will you learn your faith? By the way, have you seen what words spellcheck comes up with when you don’t know how to spell something?  Scary stuff. It’s the same with opinions.

Read your Catechism and every footnote. You will find a treasure trove of Scripture, Church Documents, and clear direction so missing today.  If we knew and heard the CCC preached at every Mass we would not be in the confused, relativistic, self-centered, and cowardly state we are in today.  Choose to be hot.  Choose to be Catholic.  Everything else is just not.

If you’re reading this blog and not your Catechism stop and read the Catechism first. 

Source: The Eighth Deadly Sin – The Catholic Thing


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