Vatican Tight-Lipped About Papal Review of New Liturgical Translations

Congregation for Divine Worship is preferring not to comment on reported papal commission while liturgical experts dismiss concerns over its precise nature as exaggerated due to lack of information.

I’ve found the regular “sound of silence” and the “just wait and see” attitude from the Vatican has generally led to disappointment and secrecy behind efforts intended to get something in place before anyone knows about it.  I hope this isn’t the case.  Though he is in charge of this area, Cardinal Sarah has been silenced by the Pope over the past few months so we can’t expect to hear anything from this voice of orthodoxy.

I’m concerned with the possible intension to decentralize liturgical unity and leave it to the bishops to guide.  This would be one more step toward a bishop centric Protestant structure of loosely organized diocese which could lead to continual in fighting or even a split as we saw with the Eastern Church in 1054.  Similar dynamics were at play before this terrible event.  A weak Pope and decentralization flies in the face of the mark of the Church.

Source: Vatican Tight-Lipped About Papal Review of New Liturgical Translations


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