This Disastrous Papacy

Something snapped last Friday, when Pope Francis used the day’s Gospel reading as one more opportunity to promote his own view on divorce and remarriage.

It’s becoming clear and obvious that the Pope would rather use homilies and speeches to declare his point of view but won’t go as far as declaring it dogmatically.  Those around him know that approach would destroy his work and reset their efforts back 60 years.  Social media, creating ties with governments and charitable organizations, decentralization of authority, constant establishment of authoritative commissions which act with executive power, infiltrating and replacing key players, and demonizing the opposition is the successful path for any underground movement.

Be faithful to the teachings of the Catholic Church, pray, fast, and know that leadership changes but Christ doesn’t.  We pick up our cross and suffer along with Christ, happy to walk in his footsteps.

Source: This Disastrous Papacy


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