Ottawa archbishop upholds tradition: No Communion for Catholics living in adultery

Archbishop Prendergast has endorsed guidelines saying it is ‘erroneous’ to give Communion to ‘remarried’ Catholics.

Clear teaching.  What a greatly needed and refreshing event.  A shepherd who hears the cry of his sheep and stays honest to what his ultimate shepherd told him to do instead of reinterpreting his words to fit their own desires.  This is the  shepherd we should support and follow.

Today reminds me of the early persecutions of Christians.  We know of a few great bishops who were marched to Rome and martyred but not all stuck their necks out.  History will remember those who fight for the faith.

It’s interesting that the red vestments of Cardinals is meant to say they would spill their blood for the faith.  I haven’t seen many even sweat for the faith.  I thought these guys were told last year to get out among their sheep.  Shouldn’t they look a little worn and beaten up from defending their sheep from the culture rather than fat from being invited to parties?  Where’s our thin, gaunt, overworked leaders who are pouring out their lives in prayer, fasting, and work amongst the sheep? JPII did this for us. These men are the sign of Christ’s love for his Church.  The others are just tax collectors.

Find a hard working priest and help him.

Source: Ottawa archbishop upholds tradition: No Communion for Catholics living in adultery


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