Francis urges priests to ‘welcome’ cohabitating couples in the ‘style of the Gospel’

I have yet to see the bottom of the well of comments and directives directly opposing our faith, catechism, and tradition. It’s the Jesuit spirituality, isn’t it? I guess we’ll say anything to make people like us.  With an escalating decline in Mass attendance and request for sacraments it makes sense we should follow the example of our seeker friendly Protestant communities and just give in, right?

Remember, holiness is an ideal that many cant follow.  Shhh…lets make them feel at home anyway.  I thought I read, I’d rather have you hot or cold but because you are lukewarm I will spit you out of my mouth.  Oh yeah, that’s scripture.  We don’t follow that anymore.  We follow our conscience.

Source: Francis urges priests to ‘welcome’ cohabitating couples in the ‘style of the Gospel’


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