Top Jesuit Being Jesuitical

The term “Jesuitical” was rooted in the Jesuits’ reputation during times of persecution for prevarication. They became experts in saying one thing and meaning another.

This type of logic makes comparisons to the Anglican decay and the first couple years of the Reformation so applicable to what we are experiencing today.  Take a look at the few years before and then right after Martin Luther complaining about the selling of indulgences and you will see what position our faithful priests are in.  Given that they see the error of giving the Eucharist to those in mortal sin they will rightly declare it so as Luther did in regards to the selling of indulgences.  Given the Church doesn’t correct itself soon regarding bishops promoting this error many priests might be led deeper into schism and heresy following the same progressively human path Luther took.

The Jesuit sloppy logic and language just makes the path of schism and heresy easier and faster to take.

Source: Top Jesuit Being Jesuitical


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