Prominent Jesuit priest tweets support for transgender bathrooms to 100k followers

Fr. James Martin criticized President Trump for rescinding President Obama’s transgender bathroom mandate.

I’m a father of a daughter and son and what this priest is supporting is completely wrong.  As parents why don’t we put our foot down right now?  Stand up and be heard.

As a society, are we doing social experimentation on our children?  No one will protect your children but you.  If you abdicate that responsibility to media, schools, government or even the Church you are no longer in control or carrying out the guardianship God gave you when he gave you your child.  That might not seem nice to say but parents are the child’s only real protection in this world that can last.  Right now it seems your safest solution to the ever changing school environment is a good Catholic homeschool program.  There are families in your neighborhoods right now that can help you with that.

Given this priest is an editor of a national magazine and popular in social media his public and vocal support is beyond scandalous.  He has no understanding of children and lives in a fantasy world of pop liberal dreams.  This isn’t about kids together in a bathroom only.  It’s about adults together and adults with children.  Should this happen in your own home? Why not?  Let’s get a little reality here and stop letting stupid people say stupid and unthoughtful things.

As I hearing more Jesuits talk like this priest around the world my question is are we seeing the fallout from a generation of priests liberalized in the 70’s and 80’s or are we seeing the effect of a Jesuit education?

Source: Prominent Jesuit priest tweets support for transgender bathrooms to 100k followers


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