Cardinal Burke is ‘de facto’ suspended, claims Knights of Malta condom promoter

“Cardinal Burke as Cardinal Patron of the Order is now de facto suspended.”

Keep the situational facts in mind as we see the 5th of 5 steps taken.  Though the current victor is trying to rewrite history a fact checker would see that…

  1. The Order of Malta distributed contraception as a Catholic service for years with the Grand Chancellor’s (GC) knowledge.
  2. The Grand Master (GM) finds out about it and initiates an internal investigation which determines the chancellor’s involvement  

  3. The GM asks Cardinal Burke’s (CB) advice who suggests he should be removed.

  4. The GM makes up his own mind and asks the GC to resign and he refuses and is eventually formally remove through the Orders internal processes.

  5. GC complains to the Vatican and the Pope assigns a commission to investigate containing 3 close friends of the GC and investigating something that is internal to the Order and in which they have no authority.  There was also a $180 million dollar Swiss account connection between the commission and the GC.

  6. Without completing the investigation the Pope asks the GM for a meeting, in the 2 hour meeting the pope asks for and receives the GM’s resignation which the Pope asks him to include CB’s involvement in the decision, brings the GC back, and assigns his own delegate that takes over CB’s responsibilities without formally saying anything about CB’s position.

So the sovereign Order took internal steps to correct a moral breach within their ranks, the Pope steps in, takes charge, asks for resignations, replaces personnel, puts his own man in place, and doesn’t officially say anything about Burke.  Looks, smells, and tastes like a hostile takeover while “de facto” removing Burke without formally doing so.  The key was the inclusion of Burke’s name in the GM’s resignation letter which allowed the Pope to then not talk to Burke since he was now part of the investigation and assign his own man.  Smells like a vary “legalized” German plan to me who by the way have been trying to take control of the Order.

This isn’t conspiracy propaganda.  Check out the facts yourself and see what you think.

Source: Cardinal Burke is ‘de facto’ suspended, claims Knights of Malta condom promoter


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