Vatican booklet approves communion for those in adultery.

According to a Vatican official and approved Vatican publisher, adulterous unions aren’t sins now, just “situations not in line with traditional matrimonial canons.” The 6th Commandment is an ideal.

How much more do we need to see and hear from our bishops and Vatican officials before the universal Church clearly recognizes that the Vatican has implemented an “under the table” reform without telling anyone?  The 6th Commandment is no longer in effect and only an ideal.  Will God not discipline his children?

Sin is only a matter of feelings and personal choice.  Oh, I’m sorry.  I didn’t use the right words, conscience and discernment.  Doesn’t that make everything sound better? Placing a faux veneer of religiosity over the redefinition of terms is what the world just did to the term “marriage”.  Can you see it happening again?

Source: When Cardinals Clash


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