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Here are a few more relevant and connected articles from this week to consider when noodling the issues around Amoris Laetitia, changes in the Curia, reassignments, and the overall current state of confusion within the Church and amongst the bishops.  It is my opinion that as a whole you can easily see a concerted effort to quietly implement numerous reforms without direct authorization.  It is very much the process used in politics and social media.  I believe we have gone beyond the point of wondering when things will be fixed to the point of when will the “Sensus Fidelium card” be pulled.  It’s likely nothing will ever be said but if it is “mercy” and the “voice” of the Church will be used to justify the change.  Obstinate inaction and unwillingness to uphold Church doctrine is now the error.  God help us.  Have we lost a “mark” of the Church?

Unrest at the Vatican; reassurances backfire
Catholic teachers’ union urges Canadian gov’t to promote ‘access to abortion’
Why the mainstream media can’t tell the truth about Planned Parenthood
Twitter erupts with dubious reaction to Cardinal Cupich’s post on marriage document’s ‘absolute clarity’
‘It gives the feeling of a schism’: EWTN panel analyzes current ‘disaster’ in the Church

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